Book “Nightly Complications"

In 2008 my new poetry book “Nightly Complications” was published by “Erodios” publications that includes 43 poems of 2006 -2008.

Red circle As if I'm watching youstaining a red circle on the wall.
The ochre is getting dislodged,
the colours
that the tenants had dyed on through the years
are spilling.
The adhesive of the old posting
is gushing out of the circle
along with all the sperm which was giving birth to ideas.
You are trying to understand
what you've done to the wall;
history is constantly being poured
on the pavement, on the asphalt.

Angels of murder
Angels of murder
in the nights of love,
pull the cast-off clothes
under your feet.
They slide inside them,
your last breaths.
You blaze and melt
over your dead clothes,
trickle into the eyes
that stare at you through the sleeves,
through the ruptured zippers.

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