Book “The leaky ceiling”

In 2005 my first poetry book published from “Erhodios” publications with title "The leaky ceiling" that includes 37 poems of 2000 -2005.

Who eliminated the people
from the street?
Shoes have remained in the pavements
By habit, they copy
the movement, they walk
They are led to the pedestrian crossings,
stop at the traffic lights

and then they keep on.
The entire city chrap-chroup
Chrap chroup
swallowed the language of noise.
No-one had anything to say beforehand.

In the exile

You took the world
to suck it in one piece
and found yourself exiled
with a cigarette in the balcony
Not here, only there
in the streets the exile will smash you.
The stone throwing didn't move consciences
The fists hurt you, they enlarged the wall
The posters faded, you expected them to scream
not even the signs did they yell on the wall,
they were covered with advertisements
The verses engraved you
wrinkle by wrinkle I measure your poems
You took your eyes,
you kept them in the small box of your eyeglasses
You took your hands you folded them
with the flag in the drawer
You took your ears and you sealed them,
in the exile, you said, one does not need many.

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